Fiscal Responsibility

I vow to act responsibly when it comes to how city council spends your hard earned tax dollars. Throughout my career I have been one to take a stand, and make the difficult decisions needed to ensure spending is in check. I was raised by bootstrapping entrepreneurs and, if elected, I plan to lean on that knowledge and experience to be the responsible representative & leader you deserve.

Growing Rochester Thoughtfully While Maintaining Our Rich History, Arts and Culture

Part of what makes Ward 4 so unique and a special place to be is our thriving arts and culture. With over 15 public art sculptures in Slatterly Park alone, I understand that the arts provide an enormous value to the well-being of our neighborhoods. I believe increased access to creativity and expression for the entire community is an integral part to ensuring our rich history and culture is maintained.

Advocating for an Inclusive Community

With over 13.5% of Rochester’s population being born outside of the US, being a diverse and welcoming place should be a part of what makes Rochester special. I believe that we must continue to support and make sure people feel welcomed in Rochester. This can begin to be accomplished by uniting together to develop solutions that provide housing for residents of all income levels, incredible amenities that serve our diverse population, and opportunities to learn from one another.

Investing in Neighborhood Safety & Strength

As a Ward 4 resident & homeowner, I know it’s important to maintain safe and thriving neighborhoods with exceptional city services. Maintaining and improving our neighborhoods starts first with community involvement. I will never stop working with Ward 4 residents and businesses to come up with common sense, proactive solutions that matter most to them.

Supporting Economic Growth & Job Creation

A focus on economic growth and job creation is critical to the success of Ward 4 and the City of Rochester. I will continue to bring together community leaders to create new small businesses that bring new jobs and economic opportunities that reach all people in our area. We need logical solutions that focus on the growth of our local small businesses that Rochester needs.