Growing up in an entrepreneurial family that struggled to make ends meet, my family instilled the values and drive that created the person I am today. This drive, combined with hard work and unwavering positivity, has allowed me to become an impactful leader and dedicated member of the Rochester community.

I’m ready to dedicate myself to civic service and be a strong leader for the Rochester community that I love. I promise to work hard for all of my Ward 4 neighbors no matter the challenges we face. 

Growing up I always knew at some point in my life I was going to take on this challenge and be a public servant. Civic service is a part of who I am.

Family Life


Moving from Melrose Park, IL to Hayward, WI shortly before 7th grade and attending public schools, I developed a diverse perspective of the world. My father was #10 of 16 kids in a poor working class family, and my mother was raised on a farm in a medical family. I was taught the value of giving back, the importance of being a loving individual, and the rewards of always giving 100% of my best. I could not have chosen better role models in my life than my parents and family. My wife and I met right here in Rochester. We have been married 8 years and have 2 children together: Unity, 7; and Wrigley, 4. We live together in our Slatterly Park home and have loved being a part of the arts & culture the neighborhood has to offer.

A Love for Entrepreneurship

My first business was running a kool-aid stand at 8 years old to raise money for a neighborhood pizza party and trip to Leaps & Bounds. From this early age, I was a uniter. It became second nature for me to rally friends and strangers for a common cause or goal. Later on, I ran a pin-back button manufacturing company that provided training and jobs to my friends and neighbors. Thanks to the ongoing hard work and example set by my parents, I learned to appreciate the opportunities I was afforded and wanted to expand this feeling of accomplishment to others through my leadership.

Ward 4 residents and businesses are facing unprecedented challenges ahead. I’m excited to listen and learn what they need and work hard to make it happen.

Rochester Impact

Currently, I am the Chief Strategy Officer at CWS Inc / Well-Being Index and president of the Gift of Life Transplant House. I’ve also served as a board member of Rotary Club and The Commission. My unique life experience and common sense thinking is applied to all problems I am faced with. That is why I’ve been able to rise to higher levels of leadership throughout my life.

This isn’t my journey alone. With the support of family and friends, I’m ready to take on the challenges that Rochester and Ward 4 faces. But we need to be in this together in order to shape and improve our community as a whole. Through unity, we can ensure we deliver the best Rochester possible for our children, grandchildren and future generations to come.